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Lewisville ISD Open, Operating on Normal Schedule - Wednesday, Feb. 25
Lewisville ISD will be open and operating on a normal schedule Wednesday, Feb. 25. All classes, buses and after school activities will resume on schedule today. Please watch the roads and drive carefully!
Blood Drive Termed a Sucess.
Awesome Photo Taken by Trenton Cavet
Pre-Orientation for Cosmetology, Wednesday, February 18,2005, at 6:00
This meeting is for all sophomores interested in cosmetology next year. We will going over fees and dates. We will be having a mandatory orientation later. You do not need to pay at this time. The meeting should only take about 30 minutes.
Law Enforcement Hosts Career Fair
Students in Mr. Mouser’s and Mrs. Deaver’s Law Enforcement classes hosted a career fair which was attended by over 200 CCE students. The students studied their chosen career, interviewed professionals in the field, designed pamphlets and constructed display booths. Each booth had an interactive game used to attract other students and prizes were given when students listened to a summary of the career field. The booths were imaginative with the use of technology, games, physical fitness goals, raffle prizes, spinning wheel and a scavenger hunt. The students worked very hard on this project and it showed. It was an amazing day.